Survey says 76% of people with food allergies won’t visit your restaurant if you don’t have information online

Recently, I had the opportunity to survey (in coordination with Allergy Eats and Gipsee) 1,000 consumers with food allergies. Here’s what we found:

  • 90% say they research a restaurant’s offerings before they head out to eat.
  • 76% say they won’t visit a restaurant if they can’t find information online.

These results don’t surprise me at all – but they may surprise you. They may even scare you a little. Serving your guests with food allergies can be a daunting proposition. Accurately and efficiently analyzing your recipes to determine what allergens they contain can seem surmountable and creating another piece of marketing collateral you need to keep up to date is probably the last thing you want to do. Yet the simple reality is this: meeting the needs of consumers with food allergies is no longer negotiable in today’s business environment where every customer counts.

Millions of Americans have food allergies and millions more have food intolerances. Given 75% of survey respondents say they take at least 3 people with them when they go out to eat, that’s a veto vote you can’t afford.

Like many challenges you face today, technology (such as Gipsee’s cloud-based platform) can help you analyze your recipes and present options to your guests in a dynamic, digital platform. Training your staff to minimize cross-contact and interact with your guests with food allergies will round out a successful strategy.

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