What FDA’s Guidance Document For Menu Labeling Doesn’t Tell You

Finally!  FDA has released the long awaited guidance document.  It likely answers some of your questions (even if you didn’t like the answer!) but not others.

One thing is for sure: the guidance document doesn’t tell you what to do now. It doesn’t give you step-by-step instructions or a detailed game plan leading up to December 1, 2016.  So what do you do now?

There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to preparing for menu labeling because each organization has their own starting line.  Some have their recipes analyzed – others don’t.  Some have practice with menu labeling in other states – others don’t.  Some have started preparing – others have put it off.

While the journey will look different for each “covered establishment,” my experience would indicate there are 7 key items that should be on your to-do list as you march toward December 1, 2016.  I like to call it my “7-point readiness plan”.

I’ve recorded a short video (13 minutes and 14 seconds, to be exact!) that summarizes the 7 key steps that should be part of your readiness plan.  Whether you are well on your way to compliance – or haven’t started yet – I’m hopeful the information I’ve compiled helps you along your journey.  My goal is to make menu labeling manageable for businesses and meaningful for consumers.  (PS – Unfortunately, this  video will only be accessible for about week! ) http://www.cldnutrition.com


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